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Chelsea Rae On Tattoo Collector

If you're looking to add to your collection of tattoos - A Stroke of Genius is there to get you the tattoo you will love for life! SullenTV's season 2 of the Tattoo Collector is checking in with Sullen Angel - Chelsea Rae - to get the back story behind her collection of ink.

Lionel Messi Gets A Rework On His Leg Tattoo

Barcelona's superstar soccer icon - Lionel Messi - is not one afraid of the tattoo needle, and in his latest trip - he is getting some adjustments done to an old tattoo. "Pictured during a training session with the Argentina national side, Messi appears to have covered his previous ink -- which included flowers, footballs,…
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South Florida’s Best Tattoo Artists

A Stroke of Genius Tattoos and Piercings is South Florida's elite tattoo shop serving the area with the most talented, licensed artists around. Check out some of the newest art projects out of A Stroke of Genius's premier shop on their Twitter page.
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Do You Need A Tattoo Cover Up?

If your tattoo isn't quite what you wanted, or has outlived it's time on your skin - get over to A Stroke of Genius Tattoos and Piercings and get the perfect cover up tattoo to replace those bad memories. Check out the latest from Ink Master's Elimination Challenge - on tramp stamp cover up's:

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