Get Your Next Tattoo In Boca Raton

A Stroke of Genius Tattoos and Piercings has South Florida covered for all your body art needs. Whether you stop by their shop in Boca Raton or Deerfield Beach, the licensed, talented artists will put their passion into every job. Follow A Stroke of Genius Tattoos and Piercings on Google+ for the latest tattoo and…
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Mike Petroskie Get’s A Tattoo Timelapse

Ge the hottest new tattoo in South Florida at the one and only - A Stroke of Genius!

From an early sketch - to a large arm piece - check out the tattoo timelapse for Mike Petroskie, all from SullenTV.

Tattooing A Cyborg

What could your tattoo transform you into? Spike TV's Ink Master goes futuristic with it's latest elimination challenge - turning a canvas into a cyborg!

Woman With Face Tattoo For Identity Concealment Sentenced

What would you do if you were being charged with a crime that you were worried about retaliation over? Well... one woman decided to conceal her identity with a face tattoo. That new ink, however, didn't interfere with her sentencing in a hit and run case... "Tracy Clapp of Santa Ana pleaded guilty this week…
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