100% recommend A Stroke Of Genius. The atmosphere in the shop is great, the guys are totally professional yet relaxed and laid back. They are all so approachable and not intimidating, whatsoever! I felt extremely comfortable around them and especially my artist, Phillip Wolves. He is the nicest and greatest guy to work with, he gave me exactly what I wanted and I am a very happy client. He gave great recommendations on my placement because my initial thought for it was awkward and would not have turned out as nice if I didn't take his advice. Phillip also has the softest touch for ribs! He is a highly talented artist and that goes for all the guys in the shop! Everyone's work is beautiful and done with great skill. I will definitely be returning to SOG and to Phil for my future tattoos. Thank you guys so much!! 🙂

Aliya Rogers-Pacheco

Davey Graham is an amazing artist!! I came in with this basic idea and he turned it into a masterpiece!! I was above and beyond happy with my tattoo. I recommend this tattoo shop to all of my friends. Ill never go to another shop in Florida to get inked.

Lindsay Rae

So proud to have a one of a kind piece of artwork on my body, by Apollo Busato. It's a coverup, and the original tattoo is gone forever. Apollo designed and advised me
on everything, all the artists are passionate about their work. This tattoo means a lot to me.

Aaron Zo Armendariz

We had a excellent experience. Patricio Sadovskis did a beautiful job, and was great about making us comfortable with great conversation. The studio was clean, and really comfortable. Best Tattoo experience.

Innocencia Ramos

The best shop in south Florida! The shop is very clean, everyone is friendly, and they have the best artists. Patricio is doing my sleeve and I couldn't ask for anyone better.

Andrea Byrne

Love this place! Great artist, myself and many friends have gotten a lot of ink here and the artwork is always on point! I recommend Stroke of Genius to any and all! Thanks guys!

Wade Waddick

Got some great ink done by Phillip Wolves, would def recommend this shop and all of its artist.

Rodrigo Tasca

Had an amazing experience here, everyone had a great vibe, everything was super clean, and it was fairly priced. 5 of us got our nipples pierced and they made it a comfortable and fun experience to say the least. Will definitely go here again if I want another piercing in the future.

Audrey V.

I looked online and saw nice work. I was a little hesitant because one of the comments said they felt the staff was stuck up. When I arrived, I was treated with the upmost respect. I had a very professional consultation and the work lived up to the hype. I was very pleased with the service, cleanliness and professionalism . I highly recommend stroke of genius

Carmen Sadler

Best tattoo shop I've ever been to and I have been to quite a few. The vibe in this shop is so calm and welcoming with so much talent. All of the guys that I met were really funny and sweet. I came to Stroke of Genius specifically for Phillip Wolves who I've been a huge fan of for a while and he did not disappoint. Talked me through the process, listened to everything I wanted and came up with a few drawings to choose from. Very delicate hand and fine lines. I couldn't be happier with my results!

Rachel Startz