Woman With Face Tattoo For Identity Concealment Sentenced

What would you do if you were being charged with a crime that you were worried about retaliation over? Well... one woman decided to conceal her identity with a face tattoo. That new ink, however, didn't interfere with her sentencing in a hit and run case...

"Tracy Clapp of Santa Ana pleaded guilty this week to 11 felony counts linked to an April 20 crash that stuck Christopher Chavez, 26, as he strolled in a crosswalk at Bristol Street and Central Avenue around 2:15 a.m., according to court records..." [ Read more here ]

The Santa Ana Police Department released these pictures of   Tracy Clapp, 36, who was allegedly involved in the fatal hit and run of Christopher Chavez weeks ago. She led and was stopped by a police dog Saturday evening after authorities were tipped to her whereabouts. The pictured at right, taken at the hospital after suffering bruises and a dog bite, shows how she altered her appearance. ///ADDITIONAL INFO: - Photo by MINDY SCHAUER, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER -  shot: 052916 SA.hitrunfolo.0530 The Santa Ana Police Department identified the woman who allegedly was involved.in the case of the fatal hit and run of Christopher Chavez. They say Tracy Clapp, 36, of Santa Ana stopped at the scene then fled after seeing the injured victim. Police and family offered $20K last month for information leading to the woman.

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